GM unveils Hummer EV military vehicle

January 11th, 2024 by


On the Defense!


When it comes to the recent unveiling at the Marine Military Expo in Washington D.C. of a new military electric concept vehicle based on the GMC Hummer EV, the phrase “coming full circle” has become realized! That is because General Motors’ GM Defense presents a vehicle dubbed the Electric Military Vehicle Concept (EMCV) that has gone from military Humvee to Hummer to Hummer EV to military Humvee electric. The circle is complete, and this adaptation of the Hummer EV is worth its weight — literally — in gold.


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While a Hummer isn’t first on the mind when it comes to going electric, the Hummer EV happened to be the first next-generation electric vehicle using GM’s new Ultium electric platform. Its impact on electrification is indeed growing, although indirect, with GM using what it gleaned from the Hummer to produce the new Silverado Electric. New programs have also resulted, including the “Electric Military Concept Vehicle” or EMCV.


The EMCV employs the road going vehicle’s electric propulsion system and chassis, but does have some modifications. Those include the addition by GM Defense of 37-inch tires, compared to 35-inch on the road-going model; a new heavy-duty break system and Fox performance shock absorbers. Also changed and improved upon was the production truck’s already-impressive approach of 49.7 deg. and departure 38.4 deg angles to further enhance its off-road performance.


The military EV also comes with a 46-inch gun ring, swing side-arm mounts and both Silent Watch and Silent Drive capabilities. The concept also offers exportable power for mission-critical equipment, with an onboard 12-kW diesel-powered generator providing limited battery charging and propulsion.


The EMCV is presented with the same chassis and powertrain as the Hummer EV, which is powered by the giant 200 kWh battery pack. Planned to have a slightly lower range than the current 329 miles of the Hummer EV at 300 miles, the vehicle is also coming equipped with a diesel range extender if needed. The EMCV has the capability of 800-volt DC fast-charging up to 350kW, enabling up to nearly 100 miles of driving range in about 12 minutes. The military vehicle offers 329 miles of combined driving range, according to GM Defense, with a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 3 seconds.

In terms of battery specifics, the EMCV’s Ultium battery pack consists of two layers of vertical cell modules, combined to form a 200+ Wh, 24-module pack. This battery is mounted low in the center of the vehicle platform, with the aim of the pack’s placement to help keep the center of gravity low. It also enables short front and rear overhangs. With a three-motor e4WD propulsion system carried over from the Edition 1 model, the concept also features the dual-motor rear drive unit with its virtual locking capability. There’s also a single motor and electronic locking differential up front.


GM has confirmed that it provided the U.S. Army with a Hummer EV for testing. This supports the Army’s reduced reliance on fossil fuels in operational and garrison environments and further reinforces their stance of going electric and net-zero by 2050.


“With access to GM’s advanced technologies, GM Defense is able to provide proven commercial technologies adapted to meet specific defense requirements and the needs of our customers,” Steve duMont, president of GM Defense, explained. “This demonstration will prove to our U.S. Army customer…how the underlying technology can be leveraged for future defense needs, whether on an installation or in a tactical environment.”

While it is unclear how much the concept will weigh considering a lot of the body has been stripped away, by comparison the civilian Hummer EV truck weighs between 9,200-9,400 lbs. In terms of appearance, the concept features a roll cage and open cockpit and has large recovery points near the a and c pillars to allow it to be airlifted, similar to the original Humvee. The EMCV also has a winch and many other two/recovery and tie-down points.


This is not the first electric military vehicle explored by GM’s Defense. The company actually debuted its All-Electric Military Concept Vehicle variant in 2021, which like the turbodiesel-powered Infantry Squad Vehicle, is derived from the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 platform.


A military concept vehicle that is all-electric not only is representative of coming full circle but supports the Army’s commitment to reduce reliance on fossil fuels — a win win in every way. GM is on the Defense, and closing the circle is finally complete!

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