Buick teases 2025 Enclave with Design Sketches

January 29th, 2024 by


“Drawing” a conclusion!


Stylish teaser designs are a first tease in introducing the 2025 Enclave for Buick, now in its all-new third generation and boasting a long list of updates and changes. This full-size, five-door vehicle will feature a completely new design as part of what is considered a massive overhaul. Teasing these new features through various sketches is one way to get noticed, and Buick has delivered! It hopes to continue its upward trend of sales from 2023, and by the sketch of things, it is certain to do so! Here’s more…

What we see/know!


With inspiration derived from the 2022 Wildcat EV concept, these sketches, shown before the vehicle’s formal unveiling, illustrate a wide stance and very highly angular styling elements. Headlights incorporate a thin upper lighting element that’s drawn back into the fenders, while the lower grille section is bracketed by Y-shaped trim. On either side of the primary intake are two large indents, with a thinner, secondary intake placed below.


The latest and coolest Tri-Shield badging finds its spot high on the nose.


A low roofline is illustrated at the vehicle’s corners, as well as proportions that are sporty. The rear fender is presented with an upward kink in the shoulder line, rising toward a spoiler placed high on the hatch. Taillights wrap around the rear fender line, thus enhancing the vehicle’s visual width even greater.

When it comes to the inside, while not yet revealed, it is hinted that a wide digital screen mounted on the dash will be presented and act as a driver instrument cluster and the infotainment system.


While nothing has yet been revealed about the Enclave’s powertrain, a look at similarly sized Chevrolet’s provide some hints. For example, the current Enclave uses a naturally aspirated 3.6-liter V6 to send 310 hp to the front or all four wheels. The Traverse for 2024 featured a turbocharged 2.5-liter I4, which was a swap from the 3.6-liter V6.


This redesigned vehicle, debuting as a 2025 model for the U.S. market, is expected to make its debut with an expected bump in pricing, which could be a starting figure of $50,000. It will also likely follow a familiar formula of combining a gas powertrain with a midsize SUV body large enough to include third-row seats as standard.


The all-new Enclave will be presented with a more sculptural design language compared to the current Enclave, and is more in line with the look of the redesigned Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia SUVs, introduced for this year.


We are also not yet certain if there are plans by Buick to electrify the Enclave with a hybrid or fully electric option, with not everyone on board with those electrification plans. That has been made clear in an announcement revealed recently by Buick chief Duncan Aldred that the automaker lost nearly half of its dealerships in the U.S. at the end of 2023 after owners accepted a buyout from GM as an alternative to investing in EV-specific upgrades and training for their stores.


Although only sketches are available, it is certain that the third generation Enclave will be chock full of changes. Those desiring this full-size vehicle will enjoy ample space within, power and an overall sporty style. “Drawing” a conclusion — make yours today!