Buick Proxima Concept Car

June 13th, 2023 by

The (next) best thing!


The first reveal of the all-new Buick Proxima Design Concept, with Proxima meaning “next” in Portuguese and Spanish — represents cutting-edge design that was an experiment of sorts! The first project developed by the talent behind GM China’s Advanced Design Center which opened in the summer of 2021, this concept has hints of Buick’s flagship sedan, complete with Buick badge, gullwing doors, interior spaciousness and an elevated cabin within that is rooted in comfort. Featuring a next-generation powertrain and bursting with creativity, see what this concept has in store!


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What it represents!


The Buick Proxima Concept Car, created at GM’s Shanghai-based design studio, represents the first interpretation of an all-electric full-size sedan from the Tri-Shield brand. This had once only featured zero-emission crossers and the coupe-bodied Buick Wildcat EV Concept.


The Proxima also signifies a new styling language which boasts signature lighting and stunning and sporty gullwing doors as well as serves as an example of a new electric vehicle architecture that GM may debut in the next five to 10 years. It is sophisticated and perfectly tailored for China’s technology focused market.


This Concept also marks the restart of operations at GM’s expanded and renovated China Advanced Design Center and is intended for internal research.

Its appearance!


Considered the forefront of future style, the Proxima, a zero-emissions sedan, boasts spaciousness within that is likened to a residential-like in-cabin experience. The Shanghai studio will “design in China for China,” according to GM, as well as provide overall touches of global design.


“The rapid technology development in China is empowering designers to reimagine vehicles and reshape their own career paths,” Design Vice President of GM China and GM International Stuart Norris said. “We experiment with design as a solution for technology evolution and celebrate technology as a key driver behind innovative design.”


Although not much has been revealed besides the gullwing doors and some new styling language, the Concept also features signature lighting.


What else we know!


— Consumers should not expect a similar road-going EV from Buick or any other brand in GM’s portfolio anytime soon, at least not in the United States as this is solely for China.


— It is possible that Chinese-influenced EVs will come to the United States, with the Shanghai Advanced Design Center positioned at the forefront of style for future GM products.


— The China-based style center is one of four global advanced design centers of its kind which has both doubled its size — and its team — since 2021.


— The design center has the ability to create digital and clay models and also features a paint shop, as well as a CMF, which is a color, material and finish, department. It also boasts a Mixed Reality setup that can be used in a universal seating buck, as well as a vehicle configurator and 3D glasses-free review applications powered by Unreal Engine.


— Likely built on the Ultium battery platform utilized by upcoming GM EVs, the Proxima is not intended for production, and even if it was, would not reach U.S. shores.


— The Proxima is meant to symbolize the future design direction of Buick in China.


— It has similar design cues as the Tesla Model X.


Cutting-edge design that serves to represent what Buick in China hopes to achieve down the line, the all-new Proxima Concept car is at the forefront of future style. A zero-emmisison sedan boasting spaciousness within, see what the (next) best thing has in store!