2025 GMC Yukon Refresh Sneak Peek

April 10th, 2024 by


Catching a glimpse!!


When it comes to the large-sized GMC Yukon, a notable refresh marks the interior heading into 2025. From an overhauled cabin to new infotainment gear, this mid-cycle refresh is well worth the wait! Although this is only a “sneek peak,” there are some hints as to what’s in store!


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What we know so far!


A look inside reveals a sleek and horizontally oriented screen located behind the steering wheel. Other changes include a vertically oriented portrait-style infotainment screen on the center stack. Air stacks are placed strategically on either side of the central screen, while below that screen, a series of switches are found which serve to control the vehicle’s HVAC system. This layout is similar to what is found within the GMC Sierra EV and the 2024 GMC Acadia.


And somewhat mirroring the Acadia, which is equipped with a 15-inch screen for the central portrait-style infotainment readout, the Yukon through this refresh is presented with a 10.2-inch screen mounted on the dash and paired with a 12-inch driver infotainment screen. These screen layouts are to be had regardless of the trim level, which is a nice perk and different from the last refresh, which featured a different screen layout for the Denali and non-Denali trims.


Also revealed as part of this sneak peek, is a Digital Precision Shifter which is mounted on the steering column and replaces the push-pull buttons once used. A new steering wheel is also found within, as well as new steering wheel buttons.


Drivers and passengers alike enjoy the latest and greatest infotainment goodies, as well as 5G network connectivity.

The inside is not the only area getting a refresh! Exterior changes will also be presented, including a refreshed design which makes clear all the latest GMC styling trends such as C-shaped lights, new taillights and a brand new roof-mounted comms fin to support the 5G connection. In specific, the LED headlights are arranged differently, stacked in a tighter vertical formation that results in more space between the uppermost forward-facing light and the horizontal lighting strip that lines up with the curve of the SUV’s hood.


Also on the outside, the iconic Denali grille features a bold rectangular mesh with a monochrome GMC badge at front and center.


Another reveal is to be seen with the Onyx Black painted doors, as well as a peek at the 24-inch multi-spoke wheels, which represent a factory first for the full-size SUV.


A revised set of tail lights are also the result of this refresh, and the reverse lights have also been rearranged, taking up only the upper half of the inner assembly and bracketed by a familiar curved lighting element which extends into the vehicle’s lifegate. The reveal also shows quad exhaust tips which feature a squared-off shape.


Under hood, this Yukon boasts the naturally aspirated 5.3L V8 L84 gasoline engine and naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 L87 gasoline engine to carry over, with the 3.0L I6 LZ0 turbo diesel Duramax engine replacing the 3.0L I6 LM2 turbo diesel Duramax currently offered. The underpinnings will once again be provided by the GM T1 platform.


All of these mid-cycle refreshes for 2025, spotted on several prototypes undergoing testing, will come following production which takes place at the GM Arlington Plant in Texas.


From interior touches to changes on the outside, a refresh for the Yukon heading into 2025 is well worth the wait! See what this refresh is about, and reserve yours today! Catch a glimpse – you’ll love what’s in store!