2024 Buick Envision Super Cruise Hands-Free Assistance Coming to Buick

June 23rd, 2023 by


The total package!


The Buick Envision is now the total package! In fact, it doesn’t get easier than this — hands-free assistance technology is being touted as part of the all-new Envision for 2024. This, on top of refreshed design inside and out, is just one more way Buick is making driving both easier and enjoyable for all of its users! New to Buick and compatible on more than 400,000 miles of roads in the U.S. and Canada, a Super Cruise hands-free system for this SUV is an option realized for the first time!


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What it’s about/how it works!


The Envision for 2024 will be the first of the Buick vehicles in North America to adopt GM’s Super Cruise hands-free driver-assist technology, the industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance system. It is considered one of the best, if not THE best, driver assistance systems, making the all-new Envision that much more attractive to buyers.


The Super Cruise utilizes advanced technologies to provide both ease and convenience linked to hands-free driving, even including while changing lanes due to Lane Change on Demand, which is offered on select 2021-2023 Super Cruise-equipped vehicles, excluding 2022 and 2023 XT6.


In navigating with ease the hands-free maneuvers, Super Cruise will, if suitable opening is detected, automatically initiate the turn signal and change lanes without the driver having to do anything other than pay attention to the road.


The Super Cruise hands-free system works with Adaptive Cruise Control, which detects vehicles travelog in the same direction in a driver’s path and accelerates or brakes the vehicle to maintain a driver-selected following distance gap from a vehicle ahead, even in stop-and-go traffic conditions.


In order to use Super Cruise, first press the “Adaptive Cruise Control” button on the steering wheel to turn it on. That symbol will then illuminate in white on the instrument cluster. At that point, when Super Cruise detects drivers are on a compatible road, paying sufficient attention and all are driving conditions are met, such as lane markings visible, GPS available, no system faults, etc, a white Super Cruise symbol will display on the instrument cluster.


When it is safe, press the Super Cruise button on the steering wheel to engage the system. When the symbol and steering-wheel light bar is green, you then can realize the greatest benefit — removing your hands from the steering wheel! It is important to not do this unless the light bar is green! To disengage Super Cruise, simply press the Super Cruise button again and then press the brake pedal.

What else we know!


A Super Cruise subscription will cost customers in the United States $25 per month on a standalone basis, meaning without another OnStar plan/subscription. It can also be added to certain OnStar plans or bundles for $15 per month.


Super Cruise comes with multiple alerts, first starting when the system detects that drivers may not be paying attention to the road ahead. Continued behavior to that end will result in beeps and vibrations.


SuperCruise functionality is enabled by a data connection for real-time, precise positioning and periodic Super Cruise map updates. In order to operate Super Cruise, one must have an active and eligible GMC Connected Services Plan.


Your Super Cruise will take you more than 200,000 miles in the U.S.and Canada, with that number only growing!

When not to use Super Cruise!


The situations in which one should not use Super Cruise are the following: during difficult or uncertain driving conditions; when lane markings are poor or visibility is limited; in construction zones; in slippery or in adverse conditions including rain, sleet, fog, ice or snow; on a road shoulder or service drive; on a freeway or highway exit lane.


More about the Envision!


In addition, the Envision will boast Buick’s new sculptural design through a Wildcat EV-inspired exterior featuring Buick’s new grille and front fascia that dons the brand’s new body-mounted emblem on what is a refreshed hood.


The all-new Envision represents the third of five new vehicles being debuted next year, continuing the path of growing sales figures for the automaker, dubbed the fastest-growing mainstream brand in the country. That is made clear in a 76.4 percent jump in sales through May!


Also representing a giant uptick in sales over the first half of the year, the Envision for 2024 has received numerous updates, all of which serve to further boost Buick’s portfolio.


The Envision has gotten that much more desirable thanks to the addition of Super Cruise hands-free assistance, making driving more enjoyable than ever. Add to that design touches and exterior enhancements, and the total package is found here! Reserve yours today!