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On the road
Performance on the road is a top selling point for many, and the GMC Acadia gets for 2020 a total of three powertrain options, the availability of which is dependent on the trim selected. There are five trim options this year including the SL, SLE, SLT, AT4 and the Denali.

For the SL and SLE trims, a 2.5L 4-pot engine is good for 193 ponies and 188 lb.-ft. of torque. In the SLT trim, a 2L turbocharged 4-pot mill takes that power to the next level at 237 hp and 258 lb.-ft. of pure force. The AT4 and the Denali, which represent the top in this lineup, get power packed engines in the form of 3.6L V6, giving out 310 ponies, as well as 271 lb.-ft. of torque.
In the area of transmission, a new nine-speed automatic transmission is found across the Acadia lineup and results in a more effective and efficient performance than past models. This is considered one of the greatest advancements for the 2020 Acadia.

But, at the base level, the Acadia’s engine is slightly underpowered and inefficient. Instead, higher trims like the AT4 and Denali result in that perfect mix of power and quality refinement.
On the road, a revised rear suspension results in improved ride quality over uneven roads. It offers drivers a sense of calm and is considered well-mannered on city roads.

The Ford Explorer takes to the road in 2020 for its sixth generation with major changes in tow! It is lighter than ever before and also packs quite a punch under hood! It is presented with a total of six trims and three engine options. Those trims include the Base, XLT, Limited, Platinum and ST. The Ford Explorer also offers a hybrid version.

The Ford’s base model is powered by a 2.3L turbocharged I4 engine, which gives off 300 hp and 310 lb.-ft. of torque. A second powerful option comes with the 3L Ecoboost V6 engine and is presented i the ST and Premium trims. This force belts out 365 ponies in the premium trim and 400 in the ST trim.

All of the trims of the Ford Explorer have a 10-speed automatic transmission which results in great handling as well as top execution of upshifts and downshifts.
An overall impressive performance is to be had with the Explorer, although its confidence does lack in some areas, especially in attacking corners.

Interior design/safety in mind
A look into the cabin of these competitors reveals different design options. The three-row Acadia does well in 2020 in this area, adding more flavors to an already splendid interior design. This is made clear in the use of soft cloth throughout the cabin, and also on the sides of the central console. In the Denali, models come equipped with open-pore wood accents as well as a two-tone color scheme, adding a luxurious touch. A simply laid out cabin provides ease of access for Acadia drivers, with essential controls in perfect reach. Overall, this car has few shortcomings inside, with the exception of a lack of space for third-row passengers.

The inside of the Explorer sees some changes in 2020, but several are not a fan favorite. On the plus side, a soothing and ergonomic interior is presented this year, and represents an upgrade over previous models. But an all-black theme inside does not bode well and is considered a deficiency. A seven-seater layout comes standard but you can replace the second-row bench with a captain’s chair, therefore increasing the passenger capacity from seven to eight. A cramped third row can also be found in the Explorer, similar to the Acadia, although the first and second rows are deemed spacious enough.

When it comes to roominess, the Ford Explorer is considered the best in class for cargo-carrying space. The volume to seat three is a whopping 21 cubic feet, and folding down the third-row seats frees up approximately 44 cubic feet of space for storage. Fold down the second row and that grows to a generous 81.7 cubic feet of space. By comparison, the Acadia offers a volume of 12.8 cubic feet, allowing enough space for two carry on bags and a couple duffle bags with seven passengers in tow. By folding the third row down, the cargo grows to 41.7 cubic feet. With the second row down, it has 79 cubic feet of space available.

Also inside, standard features on the Explorer, regardless of trim level, includes an electrically-operated trunk hatch, a 4G LTE WiFi hot spot that can host up to 10 devices, and an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also a plus in the new Explorer is the Ford Co-Pilot360 suite that ensures you stay safe on the road at all times! This system features automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, a blind spot information system, rear cross traffic alert and the list goes on!

In the area of safety, the Acadia is presented with most of the features that the Explorer boasts, although most are only standard in higher trim levels. That includes a Driver Alert Package with lane change alert, side blind zone alert, low-speed forward automatic braking, front pedestrian braking and more.

Exterior view
A much-anticipated redesign is found in the Explorer, which has been given a more imposing look thanks to a new grille design and headlights. Grabbing the attention at first glance is the hexagonal grille with chromed mesh. A beefy front end boasts large wheel arches which are filled by 18-inch rims standard on the base trim level. The Limited and Platinum level get 20-inch rims as standard with 21-inch aluminum optional on the Platinum trim level only. The rear window on the Explorer is narrower than on the Acadia and it also seems to have broader side windows.

The Ford has wrap around taillights on the back and, like the Acadia, has light-colored panels at the bottom end of the rear bumper around the area where the exhaust tips exit.
Considered not as attractive, the Acadia has a standard GMC grille and squared-off wheel arches. The rear is considered more appealing, though, than the Ford, with elongated, horizontally-mounted taillights, which, when illuminated, display an elegant C-shaped beam.

Size-wise, the Explorer has a 7-inch longer wheelbase than the Acadia and is 5.2 inches longer overall, 3.5 inches wider and about 4 inches taller.

These two new models, which are fan favorites, are among a well-rounded lineup of SUVs but definitely have differences that should be noted when making your choice. Whether it’s performance on the road, cargo volume, or interior amenities that you desire, one of these will stand out from the other. Take a moment to compare and take a test drive today! Enter the SUV arena as these two fan favorites face off!! Jay Buick GMC located on Rockside road in Bedford Ohio understands their commitment to success. Similar to the Jay Buick GMC specials in Bedford, Jay Buick GMC wants to peak your interest in a new vehicle.

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