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There are so many options to consider when perusing the selection of Sport Utility Vehicles, and that is evident when comparing the 2020 Buick Encore and the 2020 Toyota C-HR, two great SUVs on the market today. It is important to determine which vehicle best suits your lifestyle, and to make your selection based on the overall advantages of each. Whether it’s great efficiency, appealing style or performance that ranks high on your list, both of these vehicles have much to brag about. Jay Buick GMC located on Rockside road in Bedford Ohio understands their commitment to success. Similar to the Jay Buick GMC specials in Bedford, Jay Buick GMC wants to peak your interest in a new vehicle.

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Exterior style
A sleek design is linked to the Buick Encore more so than the Toyota, and therefore many may see that as a greater appeal. The Toyota, by comparison, features a more aggressive, attention-seeking appearance and would be best suited for those who want to make a bold statement when on the open road. The Buick is undoubtedly customizable with its four trim packages and up to eight color options. Each of the trims are presented with such highlights as a unique wheel design, available moonroof and sport exhaust tip, for example. The Buick also features a design that comes standard with LED-Accented Tail lamps for a unique, sharp look.

The Toyota, the larger of the two SUVs, is only available with three trim packages and therefore may seem less customizable. It does, however, offer a wider array of unique color choices, which result in drivers standing out on the roadway. This vehicle is presented with both heated outside mirrors and available rear window wipers that are a necessity in colder climates.

What these vehicles share when it comes to their exterior is an athletic look and small stature.

A look inside
A comfortable ride is certain to be had in the Toyota, which offers dual zone climate control with pollen filter. Add to that heated front seats and a sporty interior design, and your passengers will be downright spoiled! This model for 2020 also is presented with six-way adjustability and lumbar support, providing the ultimate in comfort. It boasts over 38 inches of headroom and 31 inches of legroom, ensuring that rear passengers in this five-passenger SUV will fit with ease and comfort. There is 36.4 cubic feet of cargo space, perfect for whatever belongings are necessary for that next road trip. The Toyota C-HR also includes fold flat seats that allow for even more cargo room. The vehicle is rounded out with keyless entry and pushbutton start. These are conveniences linked to higher-end brands.

By comparison, the Buick Encore for 2020 offers pretty much the same interior package, but delivers it with more flexibility in the form of space. To that end, it boasts an additional 10 inches of cargo space as well as the fold-flat front passenger seat. In addition, this model features an automatic air-ionizer as well as a dual-zone climate control system. While its cargo space is notable, this model does lack in passenger space. But luxury options may make up for that! The Buick Encore is available with heated steering wheel and front bucket seats as well as a remote start from the myBuick app. This option is wonderful in colder climates!

How they drive
When it comes to performance, there are some distinct differences between these two vehicles. The Toyota comes with three driving modes — Sport, Normal and ECO — and sports a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with 144 horsepower. This vehicle only comes in Front Wheel Drive, which may not suit every lifestyle. Considered underpowered for its size, the C-HR offers low emissions, yet slower get-up-and-go. The longer body style of this vehicle contributes to a larger turning radius at about 17 feet.

While smaller in stature, a sporty performance is to be had with the Buick Encore, which comes standard with a 1.4-liter turbo engine at 138 horsepower. It is available with All-Wheel-Drive and the Stabilitrak system, and features a tight turning radius and much easier handling. This results in making long road trips through mountainous areas less treacherous and daunting.

How safe are they?
Similar safety packages can be found in the Buick and the Toyota, including technology like forward collision alerts, lane departure alerts and rear cross traffic cameras. Those allow drivers to reach their destination in a safer way than ever before. Where they differ is that the Toyota C-HR offers electric parking brakes as well as hill start assist, which results in it outperforming the Buick in steep climates. The Encore, by comparison, offers available OnStar ensuring that help comes quickly in the event of an accident or emergency.

In the area of ratings, the Encore received a 5 out of 5 on crash test ratings, frontal crash, side barrier and side crash. When it comes to rollover ratings, however, it only scored a 4 out of 5. The C-HR had comparable ratings to the Toyota.

Your personal preference
For those motorists who desire to take long trips and want to spread out and stretch out along the way, then the spaciousness of the Toyota’s interior will be the better choice. Drivers who like to stand out do so in this model, with its bold, attention-grabbing design. A drawback, though, may be its underpowered front wheel drive.

The Buick, with its stylish, small design, is best suited for those who appreciate and relish in a quiet ride. Its quiet-tuning technology with active noise cancellation brings this forth, making the small cabin a peaceful destination all its own.

Those who desire the top in technology may opt for the Buick, which comes for 2020 with both Apple CarPlay TM and Android Auto capabilities, as well as an available built-in navigation system. The Buick’s Infotainment System offers a seamless connection to the MyBuick app as well and is presented with a built-in WiFi hot spot.

Awesome audio packages can be found in the C-HR, including Apple CarPlay TM compatibility, as well as some trial packages of streaming services. The new C-HR also is offered with Toyota Connected Devices with Safety Connect in a three-year trial subscription.
Both vehicles travel the same distance on a tank of gas, but the C-HR, with its torque engine, does not do as well of a job transmitting power to its wheels as the Encore.

In addition, when investigating the warranty options, it is important to note that the Toyota’s is not nearly as extensive as that of the Buick Encore.

KBB’s Review and Road Test

The decision between these two SUVs should and must come down to personal preference — how you want to drive and how you want your passengers to be driven. Whether it’s space you desire or cool style elements, take the time to weigh your options. Find your perfect SUV today!

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